4 Things You Should Never Do to Your Land Rover 4X4

Sometimes we do things with the best intentions and the results are not exactly what we expect. Whether it is over-charging our phones and end up killing the battery, not getting discovery 2 chassis from trusted suppliers or over-pressuring our car tires, some common mistakes manifest with very negative consequences. For 4x4 owners, below are some common mistakes that you should avoid to preserve your 4x4s well-being.

Poorly Handling the Shifter

Part of the 4x4's appeal is the shifter beside the driver. Unfortunately, sometimes we find them unresponsive and end up forcing them to our will. This is a common mistake. Shifters are moved gently into gear. It is sort of an art, which once you master it, you will not be facing any problems with your shifter. Taking care of your shifter is necessary as the alternative is a damaged shift fork or shift linkage, making your 4x4 a regular visitor at the local mechanic

. Handle your shifters properly, they'll respond better when you do.

Beating up the battery

Yes, this is a very common mistake that has dangerous potentials. When you key that 4x4 and it doesn't pick up, the first instinct is to open up that bonnet and giving the battery terminals a piece of our mind. While sometimes the battery does, in fact, respond to this treatment, it comes at a cost. The battery seems sturdy and heavy, but it’s not the same case for its terminals. To prevent acid leaks and damaging the battery, this mistake should stop. The best remedy is prevention, so always clean the terminals and the linkages to clear away dirt and when the battery doesn't respond use the right tools to jerk it back. No hammers or rocks.

Pressuring the Tires

Ever heard the saying "Too much of everything is a bad thing"? Well, this is accurate; especially when it comes to the pressure we refill our 4x4 tires. Unfortunately, this is at the expense of traction and comfort. The right pressure is different across many tires and in most cases; manufacturers have specific pressures for refilling. Always avoid over-pressuring your 4x4 tires. Through a manual or consulting an expert mechanic, find out the right amount of pressure for your 4x4 and stick with it. It is safer to drive with the right pressure than with over-pressured ones.

Lubricating Wrongly

As mechanical units, it goes without saying that every vehicle needs regular lubrication, and that includes 4x4s. Lubricating is necessary for various parts of the 4x4 and how we do that, and what kind of lubricant we use is important. More often than not, a common mistake is using the wrong lubricant or ignoring the whole lubricating process entirely. As an owner, you should take the responsibility to know a little bit about lubricating your 4x4 with discovery 2 chassis, where to lubricate, and how to do that. Make a habit of sticking to specific lubrication requirements and consulting a mechanic on the best lubricant to use. Doing this helps your 4x4 function more effectively.

Wrong Oil Container Storage

Many are guilty of this common mistake. As manufacturers make vehicles more compact and that includes 4x4s, this compaction results in a cramped engine compartment. It is necessary to put things right where they belong, especially when about oil containers, antifreeze containers, and other essential items are in question. Avoid keeping a container where there could possibly be spillage as this has negative consequences for your 4x4.

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