How often should I change my Gearbox Filter and Oil?

The gearbox is a mechanical component that mechanically transfers energy from one part to another and is used to increase and reduce speed. As a mechanical unit, gearboxes use oil and filter for lubrication, cooling, and maintenance and just as you might have guessed, the gearbox is the part that houses your car's gear transmission.


Because gear transmissions are of two types; manual and automatic, gearboxes differ and maintained by changing filter and oil at different periods.


As you constantly shift gears while you drive, your car's gearbox is subjected to so much stress (torque) and as a result, must be maintained regularly like we maintain discovery 2 track rod end.


The first question is when you should maintain your gearbox. If your car transmission is automatic, experts recommend that the gearbox should be maintained after a total driving of 60,000 to 100,000 miles. With manual transmissions, the word is usually from 30,000 to 60,000 miles of driving. However, the best way to know this is to consult your manual and your local mechanic to ask about the right time to schedule a gearbox service. Usually, the answer falls within the category of annually or 6 months, depending on the make and model of the car.


Gearbox Servicing Process


The next thing you need to know is the process of gearbox servicing. As a car owner, you should take the responsibility to at least know a little something about your car's maintenance.


For example little knowledge like how to get a new discovery 2 track rod end should not be scoffed at as it comes handy in many unanticipated circumstances. As already mentioned, transmissions differ between automatic and manual. However, when it comes to service, the procedure is pretty much the same.


  • The first thing you need to do is locate and loosen the transmission drain plug.
  • This part is usually located underneath the car, so it is recommended you get your car elevated with at least a jack.
  • The next thing you do is drain the old transmission fluid. After the specified driving miles, your transmission fluid darkens and turns pitch black. Loosen the drain and discharge the fluid.
  • While the fluid discharges, find the magnet used to trap metal shavings which float in the fluid and clean it thoroughly, also clean the filter properly as often times, there is accumulated trapped dirt in it. After the discharge is complete, reassemble the drain fluid and affix the clean magnet back to its position.
  • The next step is replacing the poured out transmission fluid with a new one.
  • After the discharge and reassembly of parts, open the bonnet and find the transmission fluid fill tube. With the knowledge from the car manual or the help of an expert, you should know the volume of the new transmission fluid your car requires and gauge it. It is very important to know this beforehand because not knowing would complicate the process and could ultimately do more harm than good.
  • Using a fluid funnel, fill the specific quantity into the transmission fluid fill tube. A new transmission fluid is usually reddish or pinkish in color.
  • Finally dispose your old transmission fluid properly and turn on the car for a few minutes.


This tentative process gives you a general idea of how to service your gearbox, maintain discovery 2 track rod end however, it is highly recommended to seek help from expert mechanics for best output.

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