How frequently Should Oil and Gearbox Filter Be Changed For Freelander 2?



Day to day driving causes the gearbox to work hard. The more you drive, the harder it has to work. In addition, while driving, the oil in the vehicle can become contaminated with debris from the inner workings of the vehicle’s transmission. The gearbox filter helps to remove some of the debris from the transmission, but cannot get everything in the oil. By regularly changing the oil and gearbox filter in a vehicle, it is possible to protect the transmission and prolong the life of your vehicle. This is particularly important as the oil acts as both a coolant and lubricant for the transmission. But if it is not done regularly, the gearbox can become damaged and be in need of costly repairs, and require freelander 2 spares.

What is a Gearbox Oil and a Gearbox Filter

Whenever a vehicle is purchased new, the oil and gearbox filter should be clean and free from debris, but if the vehicle is a used vehicle, it would be smart to immediately change the oil and gearbox filter after purchasing the vehicle. This helps to ensure you are aware of when it was last done and give additional peace of mind when driving the vehicle that the oil and gearbox filter is in fact doing its job. Gearbox oil is different than engine oil, in that it is designed specifically to be used in the transmission. In addition, it is usually red in color, whereas new motor oil is typically amber in color. Both turn darker in color and may have a burnt smell to it when driving in stressful conditions or as they become older and need to be replaced.

Typical Service Schedule

How often the oil and filter need to be changed can depend on the type of transmission. For instance, a manual transmission usually requires the fluid to be changed more frequently, between 30k to 60k miles. However, an automatic transmission usually requires the fluid to be changed in between 60k to 100k. It is also important to check the specific make and model of the vehicle, or reference the owner’s manual to ensure the exact schedule is being followed for your vehicle. However, while it is not necessary, some mechanics would personally recommend changing the fluid and filter at least once a year instead of waiting the longer periods between changes. This is purely for additional peace of mind and protection for the vehicle, and keeps the owner from having to locate freelander 2 spares because there is a problem with the transmission.

Is it Possible to Change the Gearbox Oil and Filter Yourself

The short answer is, “It depends”. It is important to know your vehicle, and to be comfortable working with the transmission and engine before thinking about changing the oil or filter alone. However, if the person is confident in their abilities, and there is a drain plug on the sump pan, it can be a fairly easy process to complete. If not, then it is best to let a mechanic who has access to a full garage complete the process. Double check the recommended fluid, gearbox filter type, and that you have a large enough catch pan before considering the process on your own.

Changing Your Own Oil and Filter

To complete the process, a pan will need to be placed under the gearbox to catch the fluid after it is removed, and as it drains out. Then, the old gasket and filter should be removed, and the gearbox pan should be inspected. If there are any large pieces of debris, the transmission should be looked at by a professional to repair using freelander 2 spares. If not, then the new filter, gasket, and gearbox can be placed on the vehicle. After double checking the fluid is the correct type of the vehicle, put the correct amount of new fluid back into the vehicle. Once this is complete, it is wise to run the vehicle for a few minutes and then check the level of the fluid to be sure the right amount is in the transmission. Make sure any old fluid is disposed of properly, as in most areas it cannot be simply poured out or placed in with the regular rubbish.

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