The Importance of Defender Wing Mirror While Driving a 4X4 OFF Road



Anyone who has taken a 4x4 off road knows how exciting and fun it can be. The experience is packed with adrenaline, and you are able to go those places, where front wheel drive vehicles are not able to go.

But there are a number of things which need to be kept in mind when taking a 4x4 with defender wing mirror off road, as each terrain has its own unique characteristics that have to be taken into consideration.


Off Road Trailing


When driving on a trail off road, the ground is often made up of dirt, with some gravel or grass. If having never taken your 4x4 off road this is a great way to get your feet wet. It is one of the safest off road option as there are not as many safety concerns.

For this reason, it is also a great way to test drives a 4x4 vehicle, including after having had some work done or modifications made to the vehicle. If not having handled the vehicle off road before though, it is important not to take a trail with a steep incline, unless you are accompanied by someone who is an expert at it, and the vehicle has been specifically designed for steep inclines.


Driving in Sand


If going off road it is important to make sure you are on public property that allows vehicle access. If it is private property, obviously it is necessary to ensure permission is granted before accessing the area. Sand is often easy to get stuck in when going off road, especially if you do not know what you are doing.

This is largely because the texture makes it difficult for a vehicle to get enough traction. If planning on driving on sand, it is beneficial to deflate the tires so they spread out more. This gives the tire more surface area, and makes it easier for the tire to gain traction in sand.

Secondly, it is important not to stop when driving through sand; otherwise, you will risk getting stuck.  In addition, stay in a lower gear when driving in sand, and if you start to lose traction, let your foot off of the gas so they can gain traction before trying to speed up again.

Lastly, when you are done going off road in sand, make sure to clean your defender wing mirror and re-inflate your tires to the proper PSI. This will help to improve your fuel economy, which can always be a concern in a 4x4 vehicle.


Off Road Mudding


Going off road in mud can be both fun as well as frustrating at times. It is common for people to get stuck, even in a 4x4 vehicle when driving in mud. Despite the temptation to lay on the gas pedal when getting stuck, this is actually the worst thing that can be done.

It will most likely result in the vehicle getting stuck deeper in the mud instead of getting out. Instead, if you get your 4x4 stuck, try rocking the vehicle forwards and backwards to see if you can get enough traction and momentum in a single direction to get out. If all else fails, it may be necessary for a friend to help pull the vehicle out with their 4x4, just be careful not to get them stuck as well.

Like driving in sand, it is important to try to keep moving when driving on mud, but with the help of defender wing mirror if you sense the vehicle losing traction let your foot off of the gas until traction is gained before hitting the gas again gently.

Another trick when you sense the vehicle may be getting stuck is to gently turn the wheel back and forth to see if your tires are able to drip the terrain. But unlike driving in sand, do not drive in a lower gear. This will pretty much guarantee the vehicle will lose traction, the tires will spin, and you will get stuck.

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