9 Car Maintenance Checklists to Prevent Costly Repairs

Just like the saying goes “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away” so does it apply to cars, except in this case its regular maintenance.

Cars must be maintained to save cost and effort, if you don't inculcate the habit of regular vehicle maintenance scheduling, you will be at a constant loss and probably spend half your days at the mechanic.

Whether you’re familiar with cars or not, here are a few car maintenance tips to live by.


1. Checking the Engine Oil

engine oil

One of the first things on your vehicle maintenance checklist should be the engine oil.

There are a variety of ways to maintain your engine oil, but one of the simplest is adding a clean engine oil First, pull out the engine oil dipstick to determine the level and color of the oil (if it's black, you need to change it.

If it's brown then there's not much to worry about).

You also need to check the level from the markers on the dipstick and make sure it's not too low.

Finally, you gently add a fresh one to the engine oil tank, but do not fill it to the brim.


2.Refilling the engine coolant

engine coolant

Your car needs regular engine coolant to lessen the endothermic processes that occur within the engine.

The engine coolant is in the overflow tank. All you need to do is mix the coolant with water and add it into the tank when the level is low.

It is very important to make sure your engine is not hot when adding the coolant.


3. Engine Air Filter

Engine air filter

The engine air filter is susceptible to dirt and over time, the air vents get clogged with webs of dirt. When that happens, the necessary course of action is to change it.

And this is fairly easy and available in your cars manual.

You can also ask your mechanic or your friend to show you how it's done.


4. The Transmission Fluid

Tranmission Fluid

The transmission fluid has many functions in your car. It primarily lubricates the shifting gear mechanism and cools down the transmission.

Like the engine oil, many cars usually have a dipstick to check the level of transmission fluid with markings indicating whether it is hot or cold.

Once you dip the dipstick back into the tank, you will be able to assess the state of your transmission fluid.

Then, you refill it if it’s low. However, this is not a regular process and can be left for your mechanic.


5. Wipers


Your car wipers are necessary in order to get a clear view when it’s raining. Over time, the friction causes some wear on the wipers and results in their dysfunction.

Test your wipers during a car wash to determine their functionality and replace them before they get worn out. Wipers are easy to replace and cost very little money.


6. Checking Tires

Tire Checking

Your car wheels are the parts most subjected to pressure so make sure they remain in good condition.

Start by checking the air pressure and make sure they remain inflated. Also check the wear on the tires surface and ensure they retain some grip.

If not, it might be time to consider replacing your car tires. Tires maintenance must not be shrugged off, it should be an important car maintenance checklist.


7. Tires Rotation

Tire Rotation

A good way to check the wear of your tires is by rotating them regularly to make sure the front and back tires don’t wear unevenly.


8.  Car Battery Testing

Car Battery Checking

You should regularly check your car battery and make sure the terminals are not corroded.

However, do not tamper with it and consult your mechanic before cleaning or changing the terminal.



Car Brakes Checking

Your car brakes need to be checked regularly especially the brake pads, brake rotors, and brake fluid. However, this is a bit technical and should be done by your mechanic.

Your car deserves regular maintenance and we recommend you to create a vehicle maintenance schedule of various parts of your car to keep track of when to get a fluid check, replacement, or any other maintenance procedure.

Always keep your vehicle in good condition and drive safely when it is winter season!

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