10 Road Trips tips for Long Drives


We all need to take a long road trip from time to time to clear our heads and enjoy the stretch of a long road and the fresh breeze that comes with it.

Sometimes we have a destination, other times we are just exploring on an adventure. Whatever it is, it’s important that we occasionally take long trips to clear our heads and go out.

However, like every trip, long road trips require planning, packing, and strategizing to get the best out of your long road trip and enjoy your sojourn into new territories.

Let’s take a look at these 10 long road trip tips (pun intended) that will help you get the best out of your drive.



Sleep before you leave

sleep before travelling

The first tip in the long list of road trips tips is to sleep before you leave.

If you’ve finally decided to take a long road trip, the first thing you should think about is planning against dozing off on the wheel.

Know your sleep cycle and make sure you get enough sleep before heading out on the road.

It’s very important for you to stay sharp and your eyes, crystal clear on the road for reasons of safety and security.

Doing so will allow you to enjoy the beauty of a night drive and maintain your eyes on the road.

Many experts recommend that before a long road trip, one should get maximum sleep for two consecutive nights.



Eat up

Healthy road trip snacks

Eat healthy and clean foods and pack them on your journey.

Avoid spicy and junk foods that can easily upset your stomach and make you require a restroom.

Remember to focus on getting vitamins and natural snacks like almonds (nuts in general) and carrots. Such foods will delay any nature’s call and keep you alert all day long.


    List of Healthy Snacks while Traveling

  • Almonds
  •  Fresh Fruits
  • Gourmet Nut Packs
  • Gluten-Free Crackers
  • Beef Sticks
  • Popcorn Chips
  • Sandwich or wrap
  • Fish or Shell fish
  • Garlic or Onions (raw or cooked)



Stay Hydrated

Drinking water

Just because you want to avoid going to the restroom does not mean you should dehydrate yourself and avoid water.

Water energizes you and keeps you healthy.

Just make sure you regulate your intake to balance your trips to the restroom so you do not feel squeezed and pressured throughout your journey.


Stop at Certain Intervals


It’s absolutely important for you to take as much rest as you need at certain intervals, especially when you’re the one driving.

Dig a little deeper and plan your stops at times when you can see places where you can rest, eat, and got to the restroom.

Many experts agree that you should take stops after every 2 hours. But try to stay sharp at night and avoid intermittent stops during late hours for security reasons.


Chew gums and snacks

chewing gum while travelling

Some passengers and even drivers hear a lullaby from the sound of a car running on an empty road.

To avoid quick drowsiness, carry a few packs of gum and some snacks to stay alert.

Chewing gum is well known for fighting drowsiness and sleep.

The more you occupy yourself with the chewing motion, the less likely you are to doze off, and the more you enjoy your long drive.


Use Good Scents

good scents

Some scents like peppermint are known to boost a little energy and keep your mind alert.

Having a good scent around will also protect you and stop people from noticing that you haven’t showered in days.

This will boost your confidence when you meet new people on your journey and interact better to get the best out of your trip.



Sit up Straight


We probably have heard this many times since childhood from our school teachers urging us to sit up straight in order to remain attentive.

Well, this is also one of our long distance driving tips. If you slouch and recline all the time, you are inviting sleep to captivate you during your journey.

Try as much as possible to sit up straight and maintain a body posture that will help you stay alert. You may adjust you sitting from time to time to prevent soreness.



Drive with an experienced passenger


Another tip in our tips for long road trips is to get a passenger who can at least drive or is good with car repairs.

Sometimes we may need an alone time, but with long road trips, it may be unwise.

Having a passenger with you can be a good source of companionship, especially during unforeseen circumstances when your car or truck breaks down.

Your passenger can be a helping hand and a source of entertainment to keep you engaged and alert during your journey.

Otherwise taking a long drive alone can invite quick drowsiness, which is dangerous for security reasons.


Listen to the radio


Another long road trip tip is to listen to the radio.

A way you can enjoy your trip and stay alert at the same time is to listen to the radio.

Indulge in your favourite song and feel free to sing along while driving.

This not only helps you stay sharp but it also keeps you entertained, and it’s a good way to make memories during your trips.

At certain times, it’s wise to tune to the local news so you do not miss any public announcements or any other relevant news coverage regarding your destination.

Use a GPS device


Using a GPS device is a good way to stay on track, especially since you’re driving into unfamiliar territories.

GPS devices help you navigate your journey with turn by turn directions from that robotic voice.

It’s safer to use a GPS device to make sure you know where exactly you’re going. As a good safety precaution, take it up a notch and drive along with a map with good markings and hotline numbers on it.

You never know when this might come in handy.

With these long road trip tips up your sleeve, you can enjoy a good drive into new places and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

Remember to have as much fun as possible on your road trip.

Take pictures, record videos, and make your road trip as memorable as possible.

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